No Deposit Casino Bonuses Explained

It's no secret that iGamers love bonuses. With casinos fully aware of this, there are quite a number of bonuses available. One of them includes the no deposit bonus that is highly loved by players across the board. Read more about these bonuses at .

No Deposit Bonus Defined

Different casinos offer different types of bonuses and the No Deposit Bonus is one of them. This is a special type of bonus in that the casino doesn't require you to deposit any initial funds in your account to qualify for the same.

This type of bonus comes with the welcome bonus offer. Here, new players are welcomed to join the casino in question and even encouraged to do so without depositing any funds. It simply allows then to deposit some funds when they are satisfied with the casino's services.

  • Free Spins / free games
  • Free cash deposits


Free Spins - No Deposit Bonus

One of the most common ways by which casinos offer the no deposit bonus is by offering you some free spins to start with. Free spins or free games simply refer to a chance offered to you by the casino to spin reels for free.

For instance, you can be awarded 20 free spins as part of your no deposit bonus. Sometimes, these free spins can be used on any game while in other cases, the free spins are specific to the games they can be used on.

Free Cash Deposits

Notably, not all casino game lovers are into slots. Others typically have no idea what slots are and play others such as live casino games. For this reason, free spins aren't applicable for everyone. This is where the free cash deposits come in.

Free cash deposits can be used with other games including slots as well. For this reason, casinos will sometimes offer a combination of a bunch of free spins and a free cash deposit, just to be fair to everyone. Some common combinations include:

  • 10 free spins and $20 free cash deposit
  • 20 free spins and $20 free cash deposit

Wagering Requirements on Bonuses

Gifts are usually meant to be offered without any attached terms or even conditions. This is however not the case with casinos. Here, their gifts such as free spins or even the free cash deposits come with some attached terms known as wagering requirements.

Wagering requirements aren't very new phenomena. Indeed, these requirements are synonymous with almost every casino bonus available. For instance, some casinos come with a 30x wagering requirement while others come with up to 50x wagering requirements. Its always up to you to choose what suits you best.

  • Always go for casinos with least wagering requirements

Wrapping it Up

Casino bonuses are a good idea and can always be used appropriately even to generate some real cash wins. For this reason, its always a good idea to handle the bonuses with the seriousness they deserve. Other ways to use bonuses include trying out new games on them.

You could also use free spins to try out some new tricks you could have learned on the games available at your casino. All in all, the no deposit bonus is a very fundamental aspect in online casinos, now and even moving forward in future.